Why another health organization?

The Atlantic Cardiovascular Society will represent cardiovascular providers across Atlantic Canada. Different from other societies and councils, the ACS will engage all physicians with an interest and role in cardiovascular health. Ultimately, the Society will engage other cardiovascular professionals such as nurses, dieticians or clinical pharmacists by creating an Associate Member category.

What is ACS’s Base of Operations?

ACS shares the interest and concerns of all four Atlantic Provinces. The Executive Committee represents all provinces and the component disciplines of the Society.

How IS ACS funded?

ACS is autonomous. It has ongoing access to arm’s length, unrestricted grants from other sectors.

A system of trust accounts has been set up to ensure the transparency and integrity of society and grantor relations.

What will ACS actually do?

  • Focus on cardiovascular and related issues unique to Atlantic Canada
  • Emphasize a cooperative approach
  • Network and partner with related organizations, both locally and nationally
  • Identify opportunities to improve cardiovascular health and wellness
  • Influence health public policy (ie smoking bans, sidewalks and rec centers)
  • Influence cardiovascular human resource planning